Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim

M.Pharm., Ph.D.

Principal & Professor

PNR College of Pharmacy

Dear Students,

The wind of Internationalisation and globalization has become the major segment of comparative educational enquiry in all fields including the field of Pharmaceutical education. To respond to this expectations and challenges the PNR College of Pharmacy visionaries have created the right infrastructure to pursue the need in pharmacy learning. The mission of the PNR College of Pharmacy is to provide excellent education in a stimulating environment where delivery of superb pharmaceutical care is integrated with nationally and internationally recognized research. In order to achieve our mission we apply innovative and proven educational methods to produce pharmacists who possess the skills and knowledge to serve their patients in an ethical and professional manner. The faculty of this institute has a vibrant staff who is known for discipline and dedication to prepare the young talents to be in right place to face expanding and enlarging pharma segment.

Now it is an exciting time to embark upon the study of pharmacy. We appreciate your interest in our educational programs and we look forward for any questions you have concerning pharmacy education at the PNR College of Pharmacy.