Department of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is one of the major discipline in the Pharmacy curriculum which has been basically evolved as an applied science pertaining to study of all types of drugs of natural origin.Mother earth has given vast resources of medicinal flora and fauna, and it largely depends upon the forthcoming generations of pharmacognosists to explore the wonder drug molecules from this unexploited wealth. It has been universal accepted fact that the plant drug and remedies are far safer than that of synthetic medicine. In the light of these glorious facts, scope of pharmacognosy seems to be enormous in the field of medicine, bulk drugs, food supplements, pharmaceutical necessities, pesticides, dyes, tissue culture biotechnology, engineering and so on.

The department is engaged in B.Pharm teaching as per JNTUH curriculum and has a well equipped laboratory and medicinal garden. The laboratory which is spacious and well ventilated has varied collection of crude drugs and sophisticated instruments that can be used for research activities associated in the field of Pharmacognosy. The herbal garden is well maintained with around 100 well labelled plants having a great value in the field of medicine and cosmetic.

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